Risk-taking is almost synonymous with entrepreneurship. For many people, the prospect of making your own decisions and being in charge of your own destiny is worth it. However, if you’re going to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared for the risks that come with it.

My experience of risk-taking in business
When I decided to launch the Women’s Expo Switzerland 18 months after moving to Switzerland I had no contacts and could not yet speak German. However, I had a lot of determination, belief and a passion to connect as many women as possible as well as contribute to the success and growth of female business owners in Switzerland. So, despite the fear, self-doubt and limitations I had, I still took a risk. I went out and looked for a venue, saw one I liked, booked it instantly and set a date for the first Women’s Expo Switzerland. 

My advice for you
Is your fear of risk holding you and your business back? Could you be over-thinking and talking yourself out of things? My message for you today is to go for it. Here are a few things I want to share with you on this topic:

Know good risk vs. bad risk: this can mean the difference between wise business decisions and careless mistakes.
Make decisions with the future in mind: to set yourself ahead of the competition in the future.
Anticipate mistakes: before executing any plans, prepare for error
Identify the risks: devote a brainstorming session to identifying possible risks.
However, stop overanalysing: we become paralysed when we spend too much time worrying about consequences and potential mistakes.

Your action point for this coming week
This week I want you to take a risk. Decide on a next step / key action step you wish to take in the next 48 hours and share it with three people who can hold you accountable.

“Don’t wait until you are ready to take action. Instead take action to be ready”. Jensen Shaw


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