Why you should write down your dream to actually make the happen.

As children we have all the dreams in the world, then as we grow up those dreams can get somewhat lost. According to many studies, people who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not – and who doesn’t want to accomplish significantly more? 

So, are your current dreams based on your current situation and circumstances? Are your dreams limited what you have and can see? Today I would like to focus on your current dreams, goals and whom you share these with.

My experience of dreams and business 
Our mind and heart are two separate entities of our one united body right but if I had to follow one of them I would choose my heart. The heart knows what's good, the heart is consistent and it guides us however what I have learnt recently is, it is becoming more difficult to listen to our heart because there is a lot going on around us externally and in our minds. Without having your dreams and vision written down – how will you know which opportunities to grab and which ones to pass on? How will you know you where you are going if you haven't sat down to ask yourself that question?

My advice for you
I really want to pull you back a little from the day-to-day and encourage you to take time to dream and write your perfect picture or at least re-visit it and see where you are now and make some changes if necessary. 

Take a step back: ask yourself what does your future look like? What do YOU want it to look like and how do you FEEL? You owe it to yourself, to sit down and write down the life you are going for and you want have. 
Sharing your dreams: once you have your dreams it is important to share them with people who will help and support you. 
Know who you can trust: be careful with who you share your next steps, new launches and strategies with because not every one who gives you their time and day are really doing it for you. Identify 2-3 go to people you can truly trust and maintain those relationships.

Your action point for this coming week
This week I want you to take focus on writing down your dreams and sharing them:
Just dream and dream big: in the next week, take 30 minutes of your day or more if you have the time and write down your dreams. Print it out if you want so it reminds you of where you are going. If not keep it somewhere where you see it everyday. 
Share your dream: write down the 2-3 people you can truly trust and send them a nice card or email to say thank you for being there and supporting you.

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true”. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

“Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend”. Author unknown


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